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Palm Sunday for Messy Church on line
story of Palm Sunday for children
Date Recorded: 30/03/2020

Maundy Thursday for Messy Church
Story of Jesus'Last Supper with his disciples
Date Recorded: 07/04/2020

From Good Friday to Easter Day
The story of Jesus' trial, crucifixion and resurrection
Date Recorded: 10/04/2020

The stained glass windows of St Andrews
Illustration and description of the stained glass windows designed by Max Nauta
Date Recorded: 15/04/2020

The History of the Church of St Andrew 1941 to 1957
The history of the Church in the very early years
Date Recorded: 28/04/2020

The History of the Church of St Andrews - 1957 to 1969
Telling the story of St Andrews Roxbourne from th the consecration in 1957 up to the death of the first Vicar Fr Nadkarni
Date Recorded: 06/05/2020

VE Day recollections
St Andrew’s celebrates the lives of those who served their country in the armed forces and as civilians during World War ll and others who lived through those years
Date Recorded: 07/05/2020

Ascension Day for Messy Church
Tells the story of Jesus' resurrection , ministry and Ascension
Date Recorded: 19/05/2020

The History of the Church of St Andrew 1981 to 1990
Celebrating the clergy, events and special occasions from 1981 to 1990
Date Recorded: 20/05/2020

The History of the Church of St Andrew 1990 to 2005
Celebrating the Clergy, events and activities of the Church
Date Recorded: 27/05/2020