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Hire the Halls

Hiring Our Halls



 Contact details

Weekday Hire

For weekday hire contact the Parish Secretary, Sue Barnard 020 8422 3633 on Tue/Wed/Thu 9:30am to 12:30pm  standrewsroxx@gmail.com


Weekend Hire

For weekend days (Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays) hall hire and other one-off bookings, please contact:

Hall Letting Secretary (Mrs Annie Dawson) by text or phone 07578 789 099

or email starlet3633@gmail.com

  1. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL BUT SEND A TEXT WITH YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS and include: which hall you want to hire, the type of function, number expected to attend, preferred date and start/finish time.
  2. You will receive a reply text from us , usually within a day, and if the hall is available asking for your email address, so that the booking forms could be sent to you.  The booking forms and connected documents are also available to you to download here (see below).
  3. If the hall is available and you wish to make a provisional booking until you view the hall or discuss with others, please send a text message.  Provisional bookings may be held for a few days but not for more than one week.  You should not rely on a provisional booking as this can be lost to someone else who is ready to book.  This will happen if you let days pass or do not respond to messages.
  4. Viewing of halls is usually available between 11:30am and 12:00 midday on Sundays.  Other times are difficult to arrange as the halls are in use on weekdays and evenings, and access might not always be possible when not in use or in-between lets.
  5. CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel your booking within two weeks of the event your deposit will not be returned
  6. The Halls are not available for non-Christian ceremonies. Also the Church does not allow any Halloween events or activities on the premises.
  7. Details of how to proceed with the booking, making payments, receiving confirmation etc are given on the Booking Form.

Please note that our halls get fully booked well ahead of time and often we get 5+ enquiries a day.  As this is managed by a volunteer church member not based in church, she (a) might not have the hall availability information to hand for replying promptly if you telephone, and (b) may also be otherwise engaged and not be able to answer phone calls. Please do not call on Sunday as all enquiries can only be dealt with Monday to Saturday.

You may also contact the Parish Secretary at the time and days noted above, and she will pass on the message. But this will be a slower process.  The postal address is Hall Lettings, St Andrew's Church, 89 Malvern Avenue, Harrow, HA2 9ER

Click on the relevant booking document to download:

Hall Booking Form

Emergency Procedures

Booking Regulations

Sound Limiter Instructions


Large Hall


The Large Hall has a maximum capacity of 180 persons. Facilities include a stage, a small adjacent room (Choir Vestry), use of the kitchen, and tables and chairs. This hall is mostly available for public hire on Saturdays. It is heavily used on weekdays, but may be available on a one-off basis during the school summer holiday period.

 The main part of the hall is  60’ x 35’ = 2,100 sq ft

Lighting for parties

The Hall is lit from white overhead fluorescent tubes. Alternatively, lighting more suitable for parties is available using wall mounted coloured lighting, multi-coloured LED lighting along the walls, a mirror ball and disco lights. (These are all controllable by the Hirer). There is an additional charge for this facility. The following video provides an illustration of our party lighting. The stage area can also be lit with coloured lights.




Choir Vestry

The Choir Vestry is also available for hire separately for small groups when the large hall is not in use.


Youth Centre


 The Youth Centre has a maximum capacity of 100 persons. It has a kitchen, chairs and tables. An additional feature is access to the field during drier months of the year.  The availability for public hire is similar to that of the Large Hall.


The church field

The church field may be used for summer fair type events if the weather allows when hiring the Youth Centre.


General Conditions of Hire

Alcoholic drink is permitted in all these locations but must not be sold.

Finishing time is 11:00pm on Saturdays and 10.30pm on Sundays.

Halls are closed over the Christmas to New Year period and during Easter Holy Week.

 Hall rents 2021 

A deposit of £250 is payable to obtain confirmation of booking.  £ 200 of this is returnable after the event.  £50 is retained for site management.

You must include setting up time and cleaning up time in the hours booked.

The hire charge includes provision of tables and chairs.


Large Hall - capacity 180

Party lighting (optional)

Stage lighting (if required)

 Hire Charge £80 per hour

£50 per event

£25 per event

Youth Centre - capacity 100

Hire Charge £50 per hour

Choir Vestry - capacity 15

£10 per hour

can only be hired if Hall is not in use

Lounge - capacity 15

Hire charge £10 per hour

Total cost would be the Hire Charge and the £200 deposit, plus any extras ordered.

Assuming no damage, overrun of time or any other problems, £150 of the deposit will be refunded after the event