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PCC News


Decisions taken at the meeting of the Parochial Church Council on Tuesday 3rd November 2020

which was held by Zoom


  • The APCM had taken place on Sunday 18th October in Church immediately following the morning service.  The following people had been elected:

Deanery Synod representatives: Wendy Godwin, Paul Hart and Susan McLeod 

Church Wardens: Kemi Aina and Paul Hart

PCC members:  David Alleyne, Marita Brown, Annie Dawson, Judi Grice, Simon Narayan, Keith Nicholls, Barbara North, Rebecca Pennells, Jonathan Roast, Garry Williams

Church Treasurer: Kulan Mills         Church Secretary:  Joyce Nickolay

  • Standing Committee elected as follows:

The Vicar, Church Wardens, Church Treasurer, Church Secretary, Marita Brown, Annie Dawson

  • Sides-persons for 2020/21 appointed as follows:

Ola Amode, Elizabeth Bellow, Di Bidder, John Chamberlain, Robert Crowhurst, Annie Dawson, Richard Falconer, Colin Gordon, Judi Grice, Derick Gunawardena, Susan McLeod, Letitia Mihali, Eriabu Nakabele, Simon Narayan, Keith Nicholls, Brenda Udall, Mike Udall, Garry Williams,Jane Williams Avice Wright

  • Electoral Roll officer and GDPR officer:  Joyce Nickolay, Coffee rota coordinator: Judi Grice

Charity Commission nominated person: Wendy Godwin

  • Marita Brown (Safeguarding Officer) reported that all members had undertaken Safeguarding training online


  • The Treasurer would negotiate a smaller contribution to the Diocese as the Church income had been severely reduced as the halls could not be let during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Stewardship income was holding up for which the PCC was truly appreciative.


  • Discussions were ongoing with the Church Architect concerning the Tower repairs for either a replacement or repair option.


  • The following sub-committees and working parties were set up:

Estate Management:  Paul Hart, Keith Nicholls, Susan McLeod, David Alleyne, Garry Williams.

The Vicar and others will join the team when the tower project begins.

  • :  Keith Nicholls, Robert Crowhurst, Joyce Nickolay

Pastoral team: The Vicar, David Alleyne, Sue Broatch, Annie Dawson, Enid Scott-Kerr, Kulan Mills

Social Events Team: Gill Moore, Jonathan Roast, Sue McLeod, Marita Brown, Georgina Sage

Stewardship and Grants: The Vicar, Wendy Godwin, Paul Hart

  • Other church members are invited to join the above teams – please contact the people concerned.
  • A third tenant was still required for the flat.
  • The cost of support for the rose garden is to be increased from £10 to £15 for a five-year renewal.