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Messy Church



Messy Church is a fun- filled morning of craft activities and stories for children, who must be accompanied by their parents or carers. The sessions run from 10.00 till 13.00 and there is an informal lunch provided at midday. Keep an eye on the Church website for the date of the next event. We have had up to 35 children and their parents.  A typical session may go like this:

"The hall is buzzing with conversation. On the floor children and grown-ups are trying to build the Walls of Jericho from cardboard boxes and tubes.

A toddler slaps green paint on a huge sheet of card under the watchful eye of an auntie (not sure if they're related or not - it doesn't really matter). A five-year-old watches wide-eyed as an enthusiastic leader shows her how to make a family of "egg-people".

The vicar takes a photo of the surreal result of the junk modelling and two mums catch up on the gossip as they drink welcome cups of tea while their children decorate biscuits.

The cooks should be getting on with the sandwiches, but one of the mums needs to talk about her problems with her teenagers."

For further information why not cotact Gill:

messychurch@standrewsroxbourne.org.uk or telephone 0208 582 3833